Campti News


Monday, July 31

I have heard so many complaining about the heat, but you know this summer has not been nearly as hot and dry as the past few years when we would have days of over 100 degrees. Well, we have to take what we get, like it or not.

Glenda had a nice little garden this year and a nice little okra patch that had just begun to peak and suddenly the pods had black spots and slits. We refused to eat them. I believe that huge rain we had two weeks ago was what is known as acid rain. It is a hame. All that beautiful okra could not be eaten.

Glenda is visiting friends and will be back this weekend.

We had a most wonderful Sunday at United Baptist. It was the last Sunday of the quarter. We have a song service and dinner. In appreciation of those who blessed us with their voices, I am going to recognize them.

Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Longino started with a duet. Our trio, Glenda Sanders, Barbara Grappe and Martha Steens sang two beautiful selections.

Byran Sanders, 8, also sang as did Lauren Mitchell, Diane Milstead, Gerald Stewart, Jerry Crooks, Kelly Hardee and Burl Lee. Our music director, Doyle Waddle, sang “The Lord’s Prayer” as we prepared to enjoy a bountiful meal.

Our equipment operator, Alan Ebert, saved the day for us when we lost power to the equipment and he was able to restore it.

We had lots of visitors but two special ones were Bill and Joye Allen from Baptist Builders. They had a large part in the construction of United Baptist Church.

We are still asking for donations of school supplies.

Something happened on Hwy. 9 Sunday night that required a helicopter. The pickup was made near United Baptist Church.