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Among those at the Robeline/Marthaville Water System meeting Monday were, from left, Leesville Attorney Tony Tillman, Randy Bryd, Wafa Manasco, Donald Perez, Carroll Daniels, Rudy Hennigan and Johnny Ledet.   Tillman has been hired by the board to help with the buy out of the water system by the Sabine Parish Water District No.1.
Walter Mains is president of the Sabine Parish Water District No.1.

Monday, July 31

The Robeline/Marthaville Water System meeting Monday night was as we say, “short and sweet.”  The meeting started at 6 p.m. and at 6:30 it was over.  It was nothing like those other long and drawn-out meetings.  Not many were there but the water is finally good and clear, customers are happy and the system has been sold. The meeting was to just let us know where we are now, which is in a good place.

This time last year we were in the hole, now we have money in the bank.  What does that tell you?  I’m sure you can figure it out yourself.

The AT&T phone bill went from $571 to $132.

The purchase should be completed by the end of August and the paper work should be completed.

Since the last meeting, Cormane’s Plumbing has filed suit against the board for over $25,000. Sabine Parish Water District No.1 will take on that responsibility after everything is settled.

There are about 150 customers who are delinquent. In the past,the water system has let it ride so customers would not be without water. But please take note. Rules have now changed.  If not paid in full by the 24th of each month, your water will be cut off.   No more partial payments and no more paying two months water bills at one time. Again, it must be paid in full or it will be cut off on the 24th.

In a short time, the office in Robeline will be closed.  A new Sabine Parish Water District No.1 is being built in Many near the old depot.  Make your payments there. They will not accept cash. The staff does not mail out late notices but instead makes phone calls.  I am sure most payments are mailed in due to the large area.  Everything will work out for the best and this nightmare of no water or brown water will soon be a thing of the past.

Kynlie Powell, 3, daughter of Clint and Katie Powell, will under go her third heart surgery in 2018.  A benefit auction will be Saturday, Aug. 5 at 157 Cotton Gin Road in Robeline at 4 p.m.  Items are still being accepted. For more information, call Tina at 332-1532 or Kasey at 332-8903.  Please attend and help this family.

Little Kynlie Powell was born Jan. 26, 2014. The very next day it was discovered that her diagnosis was Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Turner Syndrome.  The news was heartbreaking for her parents, Katie and Clint Powell.

She was airlifted to New Orleans Jan. 27, 2014, where she stayed in the NICU until she had her first open heart surgery at 9 days old.  She then spent roughly three months in the CICU until she was released to come home.  She was hospitalized at 7 months in New Orleans and waited six weeks for her second heart surgery.

She has numerous doctor visits and appointments in New Orleans to prepare for her third surgery which will be the first part of 2018. They are trying to get her to gain weight and build up her body.  With the doctors and hospital in New Orleans, they have travel expenses, hotel stays and medical bills and they need everyone’s help.

A benefit auction is being planned Saturday, Aug. 5 in Robeline at 4 p.m., at 157 Cotton Gin Road.  They are accepting items, baked goods and merchandise to be auctioned. If you have anything that you no longer need and want it gone, it will raise some money for this precious little girl. Contact Pioneer Auctions, talk to Tina at 332-1532 or Kasey at 332-8903.

Kynlie also has two other siblings, Cole and Kamryn Powell.  Her grandparents are Kelli LaCaze, Teresa and Bear Powell and Layne LaCaze.  Great grands are Sharon and Blue Goings, Rose and Wayne LaCaze and Dorothy Barnett.

I know this is short notice but make plans now to attend.

Happy birthday to Ellie Lou Grantham, daughter of Jono and Sarah Grantham.  The little miracle baby is now 1.

Another little heart patient that we all know just celebrated her first birthday. Ellie Lou Grantham turned 1 Aug. 2. She has overcome so much in this past year from being 31 weeks premature to having two heart surgeries and countless procedures.  It has been a long and rough year but God has been so amazing to the Grantham family.  Ellie’s little smile will warm your heart and her big brother Noah is her big hero.

The Grantham family wants to thank everyone for the prayers and many acts of kindness.  Because of God and their faith, little Ellie Lou is now a healthy and normal little 1 year old.  God is so good to us.

Ellie’s parents are Jono and Sarah Grantham, grandparents are Karen Mitchell and great grandparents are Willie and Mary Lou Lewis, all of Marthaville.

Please be in prayer for the Faye Parks family. Ms. Parks passed away Monday.  Also John Earl Roe is feeling better after having some stents put in.  So many to remember in our prayers and we are so thankful that our God is always near and hears our prayers

Next week I will have vacation news for you from families that have had great summers and the pictures are just beautiful!  If you have something that you would like to share, please let me know. Let others take the trip with you.

Have a good week and please do not forget the auction for Kynlie Powell Saturday.