Old Bethel News


Monday, July 31

Clara Springs fourth Friday fish fry was cooked by First Baptist Church, Coushatta and they fed 480 people.  This was in spite of the electricity being off for a while during the fish fry.

First Baptist Church, Converse will cook Aug. 25.

The staffers from Clara Springs who went to Alexandria for an outing Saturday were, front row from left, Jenna, Julia and Hope Mills. On middle row are Garrett Allison, Ashley Brock, Chloe’ Wolleson, Melissa Taylor, Kaitlyn Thomas, Makayla Mills, Bubba Mills, Mandi Mills and Ryan Prosperie. On back row are Matt Durr, Justiss Dudley, Brett Blair, Emily Walker and Hank Byrd. Not pictured are Malcolm and Liz Durr.

Malcolm and I joined the staff from Clara Springs in a get-away from camp day Saturday. Camp manager, Bubba Jack Mills and his wife, Mandi, took the staffers on a road trip to Alexandria.  They went shopping and to Four Seasons Bowling Alley to bowl and enjoy laser tag.  After this, we all went to Steamboat Bills for supper.  The staffers who went to Alexandria were Matt Durr, Justiss Dudley, Brett Blair, Emily Walker, Hank Byrd, Garrett Allison, Ashley Brock, Chloe’ Wolleson, Melissa Taylor, Kaitlyn Thomas, Ryan Prosperie,  Bubba Jack, Mandi, Makayla, Jenna, Julia and Hope Mills, and Malcolm and Liz Durr.

The Clara Springs staff attended First Baptist Church, Natchitoches, for baptism of Hayden Jackson and Triniti Stephens, who were saved at Kids Camp. On front are Triniti and Hayden and Hope, Julia and Jenna Mills. On middle row are Garret Allison, Bubba Jack Mills, Mandi Mills and Ashley Brock. On back row are Hank Byrd, Brett Blair, Justiss Dudley, Chloe Wolleson, McKayla Mills and Emily Walker.

Sunday, the Mills and some the staffers attended First Baptist Church Natchitoches, for the baptism of Hayden Jackson and Triniti Stephens, two campers from Kids Camp who were saved at Clara Springs.

Old Bethel sang happy birthday to Matt Durr Sunday.

Sunday, Old Bethel sang Happy Birthday to Matt Durr, whose birthday was July 19.  Also, we had special music by Pamela Lockridge from Jesus Lifted Ministries.  The songs she sang were songs that she wrote, “Savior of the World” and “I Just Wanta Thank You.” She told us that the Jesus Lifted Ministries teaches children to use their minds.  They are also teaching a Revelation bible study.  They do exercise and have a team prayer breakfast.

Bro. Jay Jones preached on Matthew 16:24-26.   His title was “The Dangers of the Devil.” Bro. Jay said the devil likes

Sunday at Old Bethel, Pamela Lockridge of Jesus Lifted Ministries sang two songs that she wrote.

to work in fantasy.  He can fool you with a fantasy.  He can steal your destiny.  The devil does not want you to succeed.   Do not let the devil rob you of what God has promised you.  You might think that you can get away with sin, but it will find you out.

God will let you make a mistake.  The course of this world will let you down every time.  Bro. Jay talked about the Prodigal Son.  (Read Lake 15:11-32).

This son asked his father for his inheritance, left home for a far country and wasted his substance with riotous living.  He returned home and his father said, “My son has come home, give him a robe, a ring and kill a calf to celebrate his return home.”  Be careful of the deals you make, the devil will abandon you in the middle.

Natchitoches prayer breakfast is Thursday, Aug. 3 at Trinity Baptist Church at 8 a.m.  Trinity senior luncheon will be Aug. 10 at noon.  The guest will be Sylvia Stanfield.  Take a covered dish and come join them.

Westside Baptist Church will host a pageant for Relay for Life, Miss Cure on the Cane, Aug. 12 in the Family Life Center from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.