Spanish Lake News


Monday, July 31

The daytime temperatures are getting extremely hot. They are reaching the upper 90s with the heat index at 105 degrees. So please be very cautious and careful when outdoors during the day.

Drink plenty of water to keep from getting dehydrated and find as much shade as possible. Wear a cool damp cloth around your neck, ventilated caps, sun hats and visors.

Remember our elderly and children, especially the small ones. Keep them indoors. For the older kids, the library would be a nice, cool place to lounge around.

Remember to donate a fan to an elderly person or to the Council on Aging to distribute to someone in need. With the temps so hot, make sure the elderly have plenty of water and their medication.

Our Sunday school lesson text was, “The Call of Amos.” I want to thank Sister Patsy Hoover for her phone call. May God bless her abundantly.

I had surgery in June at Natchitoches Regional Medical Center and everything went well. I give God all the glory.

Pray for the sick and shut-ins, the elderly, my brother-in-law Leroy Banks, Ellis Banks, Geneva Butler, Roberta Calhoun, those in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care, law enforcement, armed forces, EMS, those in high authority and those wrongfully incarcerated.

May God keep all of you safe this summer.