Suspicious Individuals Observed Near Natchitoches Detention Center Flee into Woods


Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies, Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Corrections Division, Natchitoches Police Department along with tracking dogs from the Winn & DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Offices are attempting to locate two suspicious individuals that were seen near the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center this morning according to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones.

According to Chief of Corrections Roger Henson at 9:13am, Corrections Division staff monitoring activity around the Natchitoches Detention Center observed two suspicious individuals near the grounds of the Natchitoches Detention Center.

When corrections staff attempted to make contact with the two individuals they fled into some woods on the back side of the detention center off of the bypass.

Chief Henson stated we are in the process of tracking these individuals with assistance from Winn & DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Offices tracking dogs.

One subject was seen wearing a white t-shirt and camoflouge pants while the other was reportedly wearing a black t-shirt.

Both suspects ran through a small bayou in the area and should have on wet clothing.

Chief Henson also said we are attempting to locate, identify and determine the purpose of these individuals near the grounds of the detention center as a result of this ongoing investigation.

This individuals were not inmates from the detention center and this is not an escape.

If you have any information contact the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office at 352-6432, Natchitoches Detention Center at 357-9300, or Natchitoches Police Department at 352-6432.