Times Talk: Road Sign Thefts


Q: In light of the recent rash of road sign thefts in the north end of the parish, the Natchitoches Times would like to know the cost to replace the ones that are not recovered.

A: In total, since June 13, 2012, our records show that the Communications District has purchased 311 new or replacement road name signs for placement throughout Natchitoches Parish. This is only the sign itself, and does not include posts, brackets or labor and vehicles necessary to install the signs. These are provided by the Natchitoches parish Highway Department.  The current cost of the individual sign is $23 plus shipping, which for three signs will run somewhere in the vicinity of $13.  Just as a note if information, we do not typically order fewer than three signs at a time to reduce shipping costs.

The information at far right is a snapshot of some of the “target” locations of repeated instances of “missing” signs involved the same area as the recent activity.

  • The 9-1-1 District does not receive any funding from City, Parish or other “tax” based sources. The Districts operations are supported solely through the collection of telephone surcharges which are assessed on telephone land lines, cellular, VoIP, and the sale of pre-paid phone calling cards which are subscribed or sold in Natchitoches Parish. The only exception to this is the temporary funding provided via the states Capital Outlay Program. These funds are dedicated to the construction of the NATCOM facility and cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • The 9-1-1 District purchases, through a commercial provider, new and replacement “parish” road signs (green name plates). The parish Highway Department provides the posts, brackets, bolts where necessary as well as a vehicle and labor for the installation.
  • The need to replace damaged or missing signs is determined via 9-1-1 staff by observation during routine addressing activity in the parish, or upon request by the Highway Department staff.

Willis Carter

9-1-1 Director

Natchitoches Parish Communications Dist.


*We did the math, and at the current rate of $23 each sign multiplied by 311 signs, total cost is $7,153. Shipping for 311 signs would be approximately $1,346. Estimated total to replace stolen signs since 2012: $8,499.


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