How to Build A Strong Church


Apostle/Pastor Nathaniel Jones will share his monthly teaching seminar, Aug. 26 at the Remnant House of God located. The name of the teaching is, “How to Build a Strong Church” and will be from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Jones will teach how to build on the local church’s infrastructure from within spiritually. “Too many churches don’t have a strong spiritual base therefore they are ineffective to conduct Kingdom business for God,” said Jones. “The religious world has a distorted view of ministry as God has ordained and this teaching will empower and equip pastors and leaders on how to build a stronger and more effective ministry.”

Jones will be sharing with pastors and church leaders God’s Biblical principles for church growth and unity through his 35 years of experience. “Many local congregations are failing to meet God’s standards for 21st Century ministry and the church lacks the ability to meet the definite needs of ministry to all people effectively,” said Jones.

Subjects to be covered during the sessions will be, “Building Through Unity and Love,” “Building Through Integrity,” “Utilizing The Fivefold Ministry,” “Growing Your Church Through Worship,” “Making the Vision Clear,” “Building the Church By the Word of God,” “Not on Culture and Tradition,” and more. “With all the racial hatred, wounded Christians, deception and disunity today the Church must remain strong to meet the demands of the community in desperate need to know and experience God,” said Jones.

Pastors, church leaders and congregants are encouraged to participate. There will be a Q&A section at the end of the teaching seminar. A syllabus and handout will be available. For more information, contact Jones at (318) 228-0912 or 332-4623.