ROTC ceremony activates 68th Demon Battalion


Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Michael R. Kingsley, the Commander of the 68th Demon Battalion, right, and Lt. Col. Katherine Carlson, professor of military science, uncased the colors of the battalion during last week’s ROTC activation ceremony at Northwestern State University. The unit’s Colors signify its esprit de corps, courage and tradition. As he uncased the colors, Kingsley undertook all of the duties and responsibilities the colors represent. To illustrate the proud heritage of the 67 years since the inception of NSU’s ROTC program, each graduating class is designated a separate numbered battalion, beginning with the first battalion for the class of 1951, and continuing indefinitely. To further distinguish each class, each battalion is assigned a unique Army branch color. That tradition continues as Kingsley attached the streamer of the 68th Demon Battalion to the unit Colors.