St. Mary’s Baseball Team To Aid with Flood Relief Efforts in Houston


The reality of Hurricane Harvey has proven to be far more devastating than predicted. Rising floodwaters have taken over large parts of Houston, turning streets into rivers that can only be crossed by boat. Meanwhile, many residents of the nation’s fourth-largest city are left stranded.  They have nowhere to turn, but the roofs of their homes, waiting for overstretched emergency crews to lend a hand.

As catastrophic flooding continues to devastate Houston and other areas of southern Texas, many individuals have been left with no fresh water. The St. Mary’s Baseball Team is asking you to join them in collecting cases of bottled water for the flood victims affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The St. Mary’s Baseball Team are currently working to partner with a local Catholic church in the Houston area to help find a specific drop-off location. They will continue to collect cases of bottled water through Friday, September 1.  There will be a designated drop-off area under the front porch of the school, and they hope to leave for Houston this weekend to deliver fresh water to these victims.

St. Mary’s thank everyone in advance for your anticipated participation as they work to make a difference in the lives of those affected by this catastrophic event.