Powhatan News


By Johnnie Taylor

Sunday we had a sermon from the book of James. Pastor Taylor preached and taught how powerful the tongue can be as his subject. “Folks, underestimate the power of the tongues,” he said. As Christians we are to be careful what we said. Remember the tongue is a small member of the body but can cause life and death.

We invite you to join us Wednesday night for bible study and of course for morning worship at 9 a.m. Sunday.

Late Sunday evening we got a sprinkle of rain. I am forever thankful with all the rain we got last week. Who can complain. I was able to get the mowing and weed eating done. Now I will just wait until the next downpour.

I noticed the farmers are busy harvesting their corn and soybean crops.

Kids are back in school. Some were excited and some were not. Be careful and watchful when going to work in the early morning. Watch for kids who walk to school or ride their bikes. These minds are only on one thing and that is going to school. Drivers, leave a little earlier and watch out for the bus stops and the students.

Parents, work with the faculty to keep your child learning.

A reminder to teachers, bus drivers and cafeteria workers and others that you are getting what parents send you. If a child respects you at home, they will respect others. It starts at home. Have a safe and happy school year.

Funeral services for Anthony Jermaine “AJ” Rainey were Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017 at 11 a.m. at the Springville Community Center Gym in Coushatta. Pastor Tony Rainey officiated. AJ will be remembered by his family, friends and acquaintances as a person who was concerned about others and extended himself in every way to help his fellow man. He leaves behind his parents, step-gather, grandmother, son, sister Ashford Rainey and brothers Bryant and Dan Rainey of Coushatta.