NHP Announces City Tags for Pets are Now Available


Natchitoches Hope for Paws announces city tags for your pet can be purchased from any of the veterinarian clinics in the City of Natchitoches including PetStar, Cane River Vet, Natchitoches Animal Hospital, James Vet Clinic and NSU Vet Tech program. Cost is $2 and are color specific for each year. Purchasing one puts your pet into the registry at the Natchitoches Animal Control Shelter. If your pet gets loose and is taken to the shelter, they will know to whom it belongs and will contact you.

Microchips work the same way, as the shelter can scan for one. The cost of microchips varies from clinic to clinic. They also must be registered by the owner.

Rabies tags and City tags are required by law if you live within the city limits. Even if you live outside the city limits you may want to purchase a City tag. If your pet gets loose it could still end up at the City Shelter.

Collars and identification tags are also very important. Make sure your pet has a collar with a tag with your updated contact information. Tags can be purchased and attached to the collar locally at Kaffie-Fredericks.