Detention Center – Aug. 15-29


*NOTE: all inmates are from Natchitoches unless otherwise specified.

AUG. 29

CARTER, Jonathan, b/m, 5/11/1981, FTA, failure to pay fines. $306 bond.

EVANS, Marterrione Latroy, b/m, 6/27/1997, 2 counts FTA, failure to pay fines. $715 bond.

AUG. 28

POTTAIN, Sammy Deval, b/m, 2/15/1986, Campti, domestic abuse battery.

KING, Gregory F., b/m ,1/15/1976, simple criminal damage to property.

MITCHELL, Douglas Kirk, w/m, 8/24/1988, Robeline, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of shed. II drugs. $6,000 bond.

BELL, Michael Earl, b/m, 2/27/1970, Alexandria, FTA, $1,000 bond.

JACKSON, Ahmad, b/m, 12/5/1993, possession of ao firearm-felon.

EVANS, Joshua, b/m, 3/7/1988, Montgomery, failure to pay fines.

Aug. 27

RELIFORD, Ronald Dewayne, b/m, 10/9/1978, 3 counts FTA, 2 counts theft by shoplifting. PRICE, Johnny Ray, b/m, 1/31/1959, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities/aggravated assault.

BRIMSEY, Donta, b/m, 10/22/1997, entry on or remaining inlaces or on land after being forbidden, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities/aggravated assault, possession of firearm-felon, FTA, resisting arrest or officer.

AUG. 26

TAYLOR, Victor Lane, b/m, 2/8/1999, Coushatta, FTA.

WARNER, Melvin, b/m, 12/1/1986, Natchez, Miss., FTA.

LETCHER, Nicholas, b/m, 11/26/1978, Natchez, Miss., driver must be licensed, maximum speed limit. $390 bond.

LEWIS, Johnny Ray, b/m 9/6/1967, Coushatta, driving on roadway laned for traffic, DWI-2nd offense.

AUG. 25

WILLIAMS, Kenneth Jamar, b/m, 11/10/1989, Alexandria, FTA.

FLORES, Jose Luis, w/m, 4/13/1981, Laredo, Texas, FTA.

OGIUGO, Ikponmwosa, b/m, 10/20/1990, Peabody, Mass., FTA. WAKA, Aboudou Basset, b/m, 2/17/1984, FTA.

SKINNER, Nicholas Roy, w/m, 3/29/1982, suspension/revocation/cancellation of licenses: judicial review, felony probation violation, possession of marijuana.

PETITE, Alvin Ray, b/m, 7/21/1986, failure to pay fines, theft by shoplifting.

HYMES, Macie E., b/m, 3/14/1975, FTA, entry/remain on premises after being forbidden. $350 bond.

AUG. 24

OSBORN, Kevin, b/m, 2/20/1985, resisting an officer, obstruction of justice, possession of shed. II drugs, misdemeanor probation violation.

SIMMONS, Stafford Lee, b/m, 7/27/1982, resisting an officer, 2 counts FTA. $700 bond.

JONES, Ouncre Dvern, b/m, 9/13/1976, felony probation violation. $1,500 bond.

FROST, Daniel Lee, w/m, 5/16/1984, 3 counts FTA. $350 bond.

CRITTENDEN, James Allen, w/m, Cypress, Texas, 2/6/1981, simple burglary. AUG. 23

JOHNSON, Vera mae, b/f, Montgomery, 6/12/162, possession of sch. II drugs, theft of goods.

AUG. 22

WARD, Jonathan, w/m, 7/7/1984, careless operation, possession of sch. II drugs, possession of marijuana.

WARE, Eric Shuntell Sr., b/m, 1/7/1982, failure to pay fines, felony probation violation. $1,027 bond.

METOYER, Perry James, b/m, 6/30/1964, possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles, all drivers must secure license, driving on right side of road, DWI-1st offense.

HOWARD, Ambrea Taurlysia, b/f, 10/7/1995, FTA.

EASILY, Willie R., b/m, 10/24/1996, 2 counts FTA.

AUG. 21

NEWTON, Kendrick Tyrone, b/m, 2/22/1987, five counts unauthorized use of access card.

WALKER, Dontarus, b/m, 7/13/1993, two counts FTA. $700 Bond.

ARMSTRONG, Kendrick K., b/m, 2/11/1989, two counts monetary instrument abuse, 3 counts misdemeanor probation violation.

***Note: the following were omitted from the previous week’s arrests due to space limitations.

AUG. 16

HUNTER, Lawrence, b/m, Natchitoches, 2/9/1962, aggravated battery, aggravated burglary, second-degree murder.

JACKSON, Michael J., b/m, Natchitoches, 9/29/1984, manslaughter, second-degree murder.

JOHNSON, Cyle, w/m, Natchitoches, 12/3/1987, creation or operation of a clandestine lab for the unlawful manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance, 2 counts indecent behavior with juveniles, felony probation violation.

JOHNSON, Percy, b/m, Natchitoches, 12/21/1982, 2 counts distribution of CDS.

JACKSON, Lindy, b/m, Natchitoches, 11/17/1964, distribution of CDS, possession of cocaine with intent.

JOHNSON, Tyrone, b/m, Rayville, 5/14/1983, possession of sched. II drug w/intent, possession of cocaine.

JOHNLOUIS, Leon, b/m, Natchitoches, 9/20/1984, forcible rape. H

UNTER, David, b/m, Natchitoches, 11/18/1963, unauthorized entry of a place of business.

JACQUOT, Craig S., b/m, Natchitoches, 1/17/1961, distribution of CDS, possession of cocaine w/intent.

HUNTLEY, Teddy, b/m, Natchitoches, 10/31/1984, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana w/intent.

HYMAN, Leori D., b/m, Metarie, 5/9/1986, manslaughter, obstruction of justice, armed robbery w/weapon.

HURST, Kenneth R., b/m, Kenner, 8/10/1978, aggravated burglary, 2 counts manslaughter.

JACKSON, Jamal, b/m, Natchitoches, 4/12/1984, 2 counts armed robbery.

HUGLE, Troy L., b/m, New Orleans, possession of a firearm-felon, first-degree murder.

HUDSON, Lionel, b/m, New Orleans, 3/23/1986, 2 counts armed robbery.

HUDSON, Robert, b/m, Baton Rouge, 9/17/1955, first-degree robbery, armed robbery

HOWARD, William S., b/m, Convent, 3/25/1983, 2 counts armed robbery

HORTON, Desmond A., b/m, New Orleans, 3/26/1992, aggravated criminal damage to property, possession of firearm-felon, illegal use of weapons.

HORNE, Jared R., w/m, Monroe, 7/31/1986, hate crimes, second-degree battery, second degree kidnapping, 2 counts second-degree murder.

HENSLEY, Devin J., b/m, Marrero, 2/9/1994, aggravated assault with a firearm, possession of a firearm-felon.

HENSLEY, Ulyessus, b/m, Natchitoches, 9/6/1968, aggravated burglary.

HENO, Melvin P., b/m, New Orleans, 3/12/1972, 2 counts armed robbery.

HENDERSON, Damon, w/m, Lafayette, 12/13/1974, illegal possession of stolen things, simple burglary, felony probation violation, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

HAYWOOD, Michael, b/m, New Orleans, 1/22/1982, manslaughter.

PERRON, Malik T., b/m, New Orleans, 8/16/1996, 2 counts resisting an officer, possession of firearm-felon, felony probation violation, possession of marijuana.

AUG. 15

BONNEVIER, Kimberly, w/f, Bossier City, 7/19/1986, warrant. $496 bond.