Detention Center: Sept. 12-19


Sept. 19

TAYLOR, Dustin Ray, Coushatta, 5/19/1993, w/m, second degree battery

MESSICK, Donald Wesley, Coushatta, 5/30/1968, w/m, second degree battery.

GLENN, Brandon Wayne, Chopin, 3/10/1983, w/m, 2 counts vehicle burglary, theft.

PHILLIPS, Curtis O., 4/21/1959, b/m, obstruction of justice, tap lamps, television, possession of sch. II drugs. Sept. 18

TOUSSAINT, Adrian B., 1/28/1981, b/m, resisting an officer.

CHATMAN, Seankalyn Jaqulen, 7/9/1998, b/m, misdemeanor probation violation.

DAVIS, Fallon Lee, 4/25/1985, w/f, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal use of cds in presence of person under age 17, possession of sch. II drugs, felony probation violation. $11,000 bond.

EASLEY, Marcus, 1/15/1998, b/m, misdemeanor probation violation. HARMON, Daniel R., 5/25/1994, b/m, illegal possession of stolen things, simple burglary, unauthorized entry of inhabited dwelling.

DEMARS, Latatyana S., 11/20/1995, b/f, simple arson-uninhabited dwelling. Sept. 17

OLIVER, Priscilla K., 4/13/1981, w/f, 2 counts resisting an officer, improper supervision of a minor by parent or legal custodian; penalty.

BUTLER, Charles Clinton, Mount Olive, Miss., 1/27/1985, w/m, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of sch. IV drugs.

PROCELL, John C., Noble, 6/27/1989, w/m, possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicle, texting while driving, driving on roadway laned for traffic, DWI-1st offense. Sept. 16

HICKMAN, Jermaine, 1/4/1984, b/m, 2 counts FTA, possession of sch. II drugs, theft.

CROSS, David Alan, Robeline, 2/2/1982, w/m, possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles, carless operation, DWI-1st offense.

GOLSTON, Rodrick Clyde, 3/1/1983, b/m, vagrancy. REMO, Michael, 9/21/1968, b/m, resisting an officer, possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles, DWI-2nd offense, careless operation, resisting an officer by flight.

Sept. 15

FOSHEE, Chuck B., Robeline, 8/4/1974, domestic abuse battery.

TONEY, David Lynn, 6/19/1987, w/m, misdemeanor probation violation.

BURKS, Kristopher Rae’John, 11/7/1999, b/m, accessories after the act.

AUGUST, Walter Ja’Brice, New Iberia, 12/16/1994, b/m, manslaughter.

BROWN, Darrell Wayne, Lake Charles, 8/18/1984, b/m, possession of cocaine, simple escape.

BANKS, Ryan Leo, New Orleans, b/m, simple burglary.

COLLIER, Jeremy M., Chattanooga, La., 7/28/1986, b/m, armed robbery.

COLLONS, Donald, Prairieville, 8/14/1989, carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

NAQUIN, Daniel, New Orleans, 8/2/1983, w/m, armed robbery w/weapon.

Sept. 14

MITCHELL, Antoine T., 818/1986, b/m, 2 counts accessories after the fact, 3 counts illegal possession of stolen things, aggravated second-degree battery, aggravated burglary, 3 counts simple burglary, possession of a firearm by a felon.

LOSEE, Mary T., 9/6/1983, w/f, FTA. Sept. 13

ARMSTRONG, Jeremy Dwayne, 3/20/1984, b/m, felony parole violation, possession of sch. I drugs, possession of sch. II drugs. $200,000 bond.

GRIGSBY, Carlos D., 2/1/1976, b/m, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of sch. I drug w/intent, felony probation violation. $100,000 bond.


SPIVEY, Deshan, Grambling, 6/20/1986, b/m, FTA.

BELL, Christopher Charles, Choudrant, 6/7/1983, w/m, 2 counts possession f sch. II drugs, possession of sch. II drugs w/intent, possession f sch IV drugs.

JACKSON, Christopher Marquis, 10/13/1998, b/m, FTA. $350 bond.

Sept. 12

WILLIS, Alex J., Grand Prairie, Texas, 3/2/1986, b/m, simple burglary. $5,000 bond.