Guests lecture in criminal justice class

Brett Brunson, chief public defender in the 10th judicial district; Howard Conday, line defender for the 10th judicial district, and Dr. Michelle Brunson, director of graduate programs in Early Childhood Education, were guest speakers in a criminal justice class at Northwestern State University where they discussed problems with the criminal justice system and how early childhood intervention can decrease the likelihood that children born into poverty end up in the penal system as adults. Brunson and her undergraduate and graduate students have implemented service learning and experiential learning projects to address the need for early childhood care, parent education and other pathways to intervention. These include collecting and donating books and learning materials to families, book shares, tutoring, small group activities and after school programs. The Brunsons and Conday are pictured with students in the cultural competencies class and criminal justice faculty Bill Shaw, class instructor, and Dr. Mark Melder.