NPD Jailbook – Aug 7-20, 2017


Sept. 26
DESADIER, Rebecca Yvonne, Campti, 12/2/1971, w/f, obstruction of justice, safety belt use; tags indication exemption, possession of sch. II drugs. $60 bond.
MAY WEATHER, Salem Dexavier, Mansfield, 9/29/1991, b/m, possession of sch. I drugs.
WHITE, Barry Hollis, Tullos, 7/18/199, w/m, domestic abuse battery, simple kidnapping.
Sept. 25
DAVIS, James Allen, 8/26/1960, b/m, aggravated battery.
MCCOY, Paula Maria, Campti, 7/18/1986, b/f, FTA.
Sept. 23
WILLIAM, Reco Demond, Natchez, 10/27/1988, b/m, failure to pay fines, obstruction of justice, headlamps for motor vehicles, driver must be licensed, possession of drug paraphernalia, second or subsequent offenses, possession of sch. II drugs, possession of such. IV drugs, resisting arrest or officer, simple escape.
RELIFORD, Decayer Dontrrel, Campti, 5/5/1996, b/m, simple criminal damage to property, second degree battery.
POINDEXTER, Qualan Devontae, 11/25/1997, b/m, FTA. $65 bond.
HELAIRE, Terrel T., 1/24/1970, b/m, sexual battery.
MOBLEY, Carl, Powhatan, 4/12/1999, w/m, theft of a motor vehicle.
ROBINSON, James, Natchez, 7/6/1953, b/m, disturbing the peace by language, entry/remaining on premises after being forbidden.

Sept. 22
BYNOG, John W., Alexandria, 11/30/1988, b/m, arson-aggravated-inhabited dwelling, possession of sch. II drugs.
CANE, Leo, Alexandria, 2/2/1978, b/m, theft/theft from a building, simple burglary, introduction of contraband-penal institute, 3 counts possession of sch. I drugs, theft.
HUNTER, Torry H., Alexandria, 10/2/1988, b/m, simple burglary.
HOWARD, Christopher G., Alexandria, 6/23/1985, b/m, simple rape.
HENDERSON, Dontavious R., Alexandria, 10/25/1993, b/m, possession of sch. I drugs.
WRIGHT, Kendrick V., Alexandria, 7/31/1982, b/m, possession of marijuana w/intent.
PARCEL, Reginald R., Alexandria, 6/6/1983, b/m, second-degree battery.
MATTHEW, Donovan D., Alexandria, 10/27/1987, b/m, manslaughter.
HICKS, Cedric, Baton Rouge, 10/29/1991, b/m, armed robbery, simple robbery.
EVANS, Bobby, St. Maurice, 3/7/1965, b/m, resisting an officer, flight from an officer, DWI-1st, 2 counts turning movements and required signals, all drivers must secure license, driving on right side of road.
Sept. 21
DUKE, Sherman, 3/5/1981, b/m, fraud-refund. $5,000 bond.
Sept. 20
OLIVER, Priscilla K., 4/13/1981, w/f, 2 counts illegal transmission of monetary funds, 2 counts bank fraud, 4 counts forgery, theft. $14,000 bond.
ADMIRE, Leah Nicole, 5/29/1988, w/f, misdemeanor probation violation.
Sept. 19
LACAZE, Jessica Coutee, 11/20/1981, b/f, misdemeanor parole violation.