Riverbank Ready for Landscaping


Trees, shrubs and sod arrived on the Riverbank Thursday. Police officers escorted the 18-wheeler and flatbed trailer laden with live oaks, magnolias and sweetbay magnolias, a smaller more fragrant magnolia variety. Workers were busy around noon unloading the trees. Several shrubbery towers also arrived containing dwarf azaleas and other foliage that will be used on each end of the amphitheater.

The amphitheater received sod Thursday. RCI, the landscapers contracted for the project, are using Zoysia grass because it is known for its ability to stand up to heat, drought and heavy foot traffic. A spokesperson for RCI said they are taking extra precautions to keep from disrupting the root system of the trees at each end of the amphitheater when adding decorative shrubs.

Photos by Juanice Gray