Not standing shows lack of respect for country, citizens


Dear Editor,

I would like to first give a history of our Flag, the National Anthem and why we stand. The Flag commonly known as “Old Glory” or “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This Flag first flew in 1777 before we were a country. It represents a collective of individuals, now citizens of the United States of America, who have captured their beliefs and values in our Constitution which rules and guides our Country. We stand to pay honor to our country which exists for its citizens, so you are honoring your friends, family, community, military, civil servants from the past and the present.

The only citizens required to stand by law are Military Service personnel under the Unified Code of Military Justice, while on and off duty. Military personnel who take an oath to the Constitution of the United States of America. We are not a tyranny and never will be. When an individual chooses not to stand for “Old Glory” or our National Anthem, it says many things about that individual to me as a citizen. First, they do not understand the basics of Citizenship, why we stand and honor “Old Glory” and sing the National Anthem. Second, for those who choose not to stand, that you have no respect our Country or its Citizens. For those claiming it is in protest, then you are placing your personal disagreement with an individual or policy over your respect and honor for your Country and its Citizens. Your only interest is yourself, not your family, friends, not even those who have sacrificed their lives so the United States of America can exist.

This Country has endued wars, rebellion, assassination, corruption and still exists and it will continue to exist despite the efforts of those who seek to undermine it. There is a reason for the First Amendment and that is so an individual who has a grievance can address their issue to the proper government authority because that is how adults communicate and resolve issues.

Third, as an adult when I have a grievance, I address it to the specific and proper individual(s), stating my grievance with an explanation. When I see someone choose to sit in a public event as a means of protest, it sends a clear statement to me they are not an adult. That is how a child communicates his displeasure, by sitting, demanding attention in front of an audience until they get what they want. In closing, when you see “Old Glory” being presented and when you hear the National Anthem, you should stand and remove your hat because you are showing your respect your country and your fellow citizens, past and present. If you choose not to stand then you are equally sending a message that you do not have any respect for our country and its citizens.


Matt N. Williams American Citizen