Natchez News


Monday, Oct. 2

The Natchitoches Voters and Civic League held a talking session at the Natchez Town Hall.  Present were president of the Voters and Civil League, John Winston; Chairman of Voters Education and Registration, J.W. Scarborough; and Political Action Chairman, Robert Jackson.  Community members present were yours truly, Shelia Johnson, Rozelia Carpenter, Annie Forest, O.B. Nora, Viola Porter, Mamie Jones, Lou Ann Brown, Phillip Remo, Chioke Mpenda, Izeola Charles, Mayor Rosia Humphrey, Naomi Petite, Hattie Beard and Ophelia Smith.

Scarborough covered items to include commitment to helping our people with the mission to uplift; looking to make a change;   focus was our incarcerated black men; now is the time for us to make a difference and save our people. The emphasis was on jobs that are mainly out of state. Housing is still a problem and the detention centers/correctional facilities are still on the rise was discussed.

They say the school scores are not where they should to be.  A lengthy discussion was about some statement made by our government. Winston addressed the group by stating that he has been the in his position for over three years.  The first banquet was Aug. 25 at the Natchitoches Events Center.  It was a sellout event.  The speaker was Keith Ellison, U.S. Representative, who delivered a powerful message.  His focus was to discuss an organized way to get our people together and vote.  The turnout rate for our black voters is very low.  We need to encourage others to get out to vote.  Your one vote does count when you collectively put them together.

He stated that we are going to try to walk the streets, knock on doors and make sure all are registered and why we need to vote.  We will focus on getting cell phone numbers to make contact with each other.  Put the percentage of voting on the rise.  He stated that we need a vision and support one another.  He wants to get the preachers and leaders involved and inform members about unity.  There is strength in numbers. An AK-47 weapon is very powerful.  Your vote is more powerful than the AK-47.  By becoming a registered voter and exercising your right to vote at the polls, as a block vote, you are helping to unite voters, thereby making voters more powerful than the AK-47. Jackson said that African American communities who thought they have made it, have de-franchised themselves from us.  We need to provide them with opportunities and tell them who they are.  We have the essential to be decent people. He stated that he has a motto, “If you will not come to us, then we will come to you.”  Young black men need to redefine manhood and the breakdown of the family construction.  Education is a vital part.  Most are dropping out and modified prisons are being put together.  We need to work in unison.  All can’t be leaders.   To conclude the evening O.B. Nora gave a prayer and blessed the refreshments that were prepared to be served.  The Voters and Civic League met Oct. 3 in Clarence. The Voters League meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Winnfield Funeral Home in Natchitoches.  Please try to make a session. They give very informative information. Happy birthday to Akia Forest Oct. 5, Jada Johnson Oct. 6 and Jireh Johnson Oct. 8. The Natchitoches Parish Fair has come and gone.  There were some new attractions at the fairgrounds.  They showcased the talents of the kids and adults of Natchitoches Parish.  The fair was family-oriented and was a week of fun and entertainment.

It is a production of the Natchitoches Parish fair board, a non-profit association of your friends and neighbors. Fire District 5 met Oct. 3 at the Alton Lambre Subdivision fire station at 7 p.m.  The Village of Natchez will meet Oct. 5 at 6 p.m., at the Town Hall.