Old Bethel News


Monday, Oct. 2

First Baptist Coushatta held a revival Sept. 24 with a different preacher each night. Monday night, Malcolm and I attended the service with our son, Matt.  They served food every night.  Monday night they served fish.   A quartet that sang that night.  The quartet included Todd Dubose, Keith Leo, Nathan Davis and Jacob Couley. They sang “Battlefield,” “He included Me,” “Search Me Lord” and “At the Cross.”   The preacher that night was Dr. Adam Dooley from First Baptist Church, Sunnyvale, Texas.

He preached from Job 23:10.  He said “God is always concerned about you, even when you can’t feel it.  He said, “You are always either going into a storm, in a storm, or coming out of storm.   He told of a trial he was in when his son had Leukemia.   They went St. Jude every week for treatment for three years.   He lived in Dallas at the time.    Wednesday night we had birthday cake for our pastor’s wife, Ida.

She had a birthday Friday, Sept. 29.  The ladies gave her a card and a blouse. Sunday, Old Bethel had its 170th homecoming.  The theme was “Glory.”  The church choir sang “Glory Road” which was a song that we learned to sing when Paul Cormane was our choir director.  Stephanie Cormane, Paul’s daughter-in-law, sang, “O the Blood of Jesus.” Daishya Vercher signed to the song, “I Am a Warrior.”  Paul and Linda Cormane sang, “Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Us.”

Then Paul sang, “When We Live in God’s Kingdom Someday.” Bro. Bill Blackman preached from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, “The Comfort of Christ Coming.”  He said, “We are saved by Grace because of what Jesus did on the cross.  It is all about Jesus Christ.”  After the service, we had a wonderful meal prepared by the ladies of Old Bethel and few visitors. The Natchitoches Red Hats celebrated one birthday in September for Betty Whitehead at Cane River Bar and Grill.

Those who met to enjoy her birthday were Betty, Wanda St. Andre, Mary Jane Wright, Donna Masson, Carol O’Quinn, and Becky Ham. The Red Hat event of the Month was Sept. 26.  I was in charge.  We met at the American Legion Hall to make shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I asked each of the women to bring the items to make up at least one box.  I also asked them to give the money to mail that box.  Those attending were Mary Fosson, Becky Ham, Lana Litton, Cheryl Lofton, Donna Masson, Alice Wall, Betty Whitehead and myself. Thursday through Saturday, the area fire departments had a fire truck at the Natchitoches Parish Fair.  The children visited with the firefighters and volunteers.  They sat on a fire truck while the firefighters told them about safety.  About 1,800 children visited the firefighters and volunteers. The Natchitoches Association prayer breakfast today, Thursday at 8 a.m. at Trinity Baptist Church.  Trinity RA’s will go on weekend camp out Oct. 7.   They are going to Salmon Lake in Grapeland, Texas. Trinity senior luncheon is on Oct. 12.  The guests are Lori Tate, Nancy Masters and Tammy Vallett.

Clara Springs fourth Friday fish fry is Oct. 27.  First Baptist Robeline will cook.  This will be the last fish fry for this year.  They will resume in January, 2018.  Clara Springs has openings for cooks for August and October, 2018.  Anyone interested in cooking can contact Mandi Mills at 318-796-3875. Bellwood Baptist Church will have a Ladies Night Out at 5:30 p.m.  Oct. 5. The cost is $10 per person. The speakers will be Diane Massey and myself.