Powhatan News


Monday, Oct. 2

Hooray. Hunting season is open for deer and squirrels. I can’t wait to enjoy some down home wildlife like squirrel gravy, yams, rice and gravy, deer steak, chili, stew meat and you name it, we can cook it up. Do be careful out there because of the snakes. Don’t hunt alone, especially when using fire arms. The pecans are falling and so are the leaves. It’s a busy time of the year. Many went out to enjoy the fair. If you missed it, it’s in Red River Parish this week. Sunday, Pastor Taylor’s sermon was from Hebrews 4:8 and 2:14 with his theme being, “We Enter into His Rest.”

As Christians, we can rest assured when we know things are going on around us and that God is still in control. We invite you to fellowship with us Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. All are welcome. October is here so that means happy birthday to Kerri Williams, Danny Williams, Shalonda Hymes, Tomekia Brown, Dexter Russell, La’Nijah White, Ora Queen, Hezekial Reed, Jeannie Remo, Alexis Watts, Denise Grigsby and Johnny Richmond Jr. We are wishing all many more. Our prayers to the sick and shut-ins. Prayers to those who have lost loved ones. Farmers are harvesting their crops of corn, soybeans and cotton this time of the year. They are as busy as ever. When I was growing up, we would be in the fields picking cotton to save our money for the fair.

Oh how exiting it would be to make your own money. Now of course, we have spoiled our kids and we don’t give them chores to do. Let them learn how to work for what they need. Believe me, it will go a long way. Remember, we are responsible for their training. Mustard and collard greens are ready. Check the local produce stands and your neighborhood grocery.