Spanish Lake News


Monday, Oct. 2

Fall is slowly arriving. Daytime temperatures are still somewhat warm and the nights are a bit cooler. But hold your horses. We’re going to wake up to much cooler temps soon. Everyone will need jackets, sweaters and boots on.

I love Mother Nature’s cool weather. This is the time to plant your fall gardens, kill the weeds along the fence rows and clean your flower beds, etc. It’s time to plant gardens with collard greens, cabbage, Swiss chard and other healthy vegetables for a winter day. Don’t forget to harvest yams if you planted them. Have them ready for those squirrels and coons. Yum yum! It’s awful that the killings have not stopped.

Condolences to the family of the 80-year-old mother who was killed Tuesday in Shreveport. Doesn’t that couple realize they have a mother, sisters, nieces and others left. You should have nightmares and ungodly visions to torture you until you are caught. That’s some family’s mother and grandmother. It vexes my spirit so badly. If you’re on drugs, get help but first ask the Lord to forgive you. You still must pray with forgiveness in your heart. And of course, you must pay the price of taking a human life. Pray for America and pray for the President to get a reality on human feelings, no matter what color, language or religion. We are all God’s children.

Remember the sick and shut-ins in nursing homes and hospitals and those incarcerated. Pray for law enforcement, first responders, nurses, doctors and other that you know stand in need of prayer. Pray for Ella Manning, Johnnie Coleman, Geneva Butler, Ellis Ray Banks, Leroy Banks, Minister Roberta Calhoun, your loved ones near and far. Love everyone. The days are so critical.