Just Talkin’


Years ago, not that long ago to some of us, in the 1950s part of the ritual of young men growing up was to walk across the Red River on TGT pipeline at Grand Ecore.

Ed Dranguet was one of those daring young men. He said it was the thing to do.

Rodger Williams would not admit to walking across, but was quick to say brother Peyton made it across. Actually JT has not heard of anyone not making it across. The pipe is 36 inches wide and has guy-wires on both sides that serve as handrails.

Tommy Sibley said it was the dumbest thing he has ever done, which sounds questionable to JT. He said his father sure gave him a whipping when he found out.

It still sounds scary!

However JT did not grow up here, but if he would have, he is sure to have done it. But JT has done a flip off the Bermuda Bridges!

Anyway, all you daredevils will have to find another way to get your thrills because they are getting ready to tear the pipeline down and bury it to allow all the tall barge traffic to pass on its way to the river ports.