Campti News


Monday, Oct. 9

Well, a very few weeks ago, if you were hungry, all you needed to do was walk outside, open wide and you could dine on all the love bugs you could eat, that is, if they were edible. But I know nothing they are good for. Now there are plenty of mosquito hawks but they eat mosquitos, which is good. I should not be bothered with them. I saw my doctor this week and he said no more chemo for now. I spoke with Ruey Stewart Sunday and Melvin has been home from rehab since last week and he is not improving as well as they thought he would. He is having home health to work with him.

My prayer is that he will be much improved soon. Also, prayers for Ron Sanders who returned to the hospital last week. Alice Wall saw her doctors this week and got good reports. United Baptist Young-at-Heart will meet Friday, Oct. 13 at 5:30 p.m. We received two new members Sunday. The fall festival will be at the church from 5-8 p.m. There will be a chili cook-off, cake decorating contest, kids pumpkin carving contest, costume contest and trunk-or-treat. The hayride will start at 7 p.m. The fifth Sunday singing and poor man’s dinner are Oct. 29. There will be a gathering for Heather Davis Guin at Davis Springs Methodist Church at 6 pm. Oct. 19 in Fairview Alpha.

Friends, classmates and loved ones are invited. There will be a meal served. Call Barbara at (318)932-3548. Heather has serious health problems and we all pray for her. She is so special. Linda McClelland is taking photos at United Baptist for the church directory. If you want to be in it, see Linda. Toni and Jonathan went to Houma to see Samantha Matthew. They are on their way home now. Don’t forget to vote Saturday. It’s never wrong to do right and it’s never right to do wrong.