Campti News 10-19-17


Monday, Oct. 16

One more long day at the polls. Believe it or not, we registered 29 voters. I am appalled that few people exercise their right to vote. We are into the beautiful fall weather, but we do need some rain here. News from the Natchitoches Parish Library-Campti: The lessons on making wreaths each Monday continue and you may check out Halloween costumes until Oct. 31. If you would like a photo of yourself and their Halloween display, bring your camera and get that done Oct. 31. Trick-or-Treating is Oct. 31. The bookmobile will be in the parade at Smoking on the Red. The Dolly Parton Imagination Library foundation will send free books to all preschool children.

You may pick up an application at the library. Have you ever lost a lens from your eyeglasses and had no idea where? You look everywhere you were when it happened. No lens. My daughter finds it the next day not where it should have been. We had to surmise the puppy picked it up elsewhere and put it there.

October birthdays are Ernest Self, Oct. 9; Steven Carter, Oct. 19; Michelle Lloyd, Oct. 11; Jackie Guin, Oct. 27; Edward McCrory, Oct. 2; Huey McCrory, Oct. 14; Stacy Walker, Oct. 29; Megan Custis, Oct. 30; Patricia Mosely, Oct. 28; Linda Palmer, Oct. 8; Aaron and Aubrey Roy, Oct. 9; Duck Reliford, Oct. 4; Little Laurance Harvey, Oct. 12; Coleman Harvey, Oct. 22; and Happy Anniversary to Frank and Tonya Manausa.

Mission Trip

Beverly Sauce, Penny Weaver, Linda Williams and Glenda Carter packed up and left Campti a little after 5 a.m. Monday. They arrived in Pasadena before noon to join many others from all over America and Canada at the Grace Baptist Church where they were to stay while there. They were to remove floors, walls, cabinets in homes that were flooded. Grace Baptist church has a sating capacity of 5,000. This organization does work almost worldwide. They are very organized.

The volunteers slept in the hallways on air mattresses. Lights were on at 6 a.m., then breakfast then they received a sack lunch and were off to work. They moved furniture, tile, sheet rock and cabinets. It was very tiring but rewarding. At 6 p.m. dinner was served followed by a worship service then lights out at 10 p.m. One-eighth of over 6 million homes were flooded and so far this Christian group has helped over 800 families. This group is known as Eight Days of Home. It is remarkable and will tackle most any job. Over 1,800 people have volunteered through this organization.