The Bearcats run past the Chiefs

NCHS vs Ruston Photo by Ashley Froust
  • Ruston 41 Chiefs 7
    By Marco Clark
    The Chiefs came into Friday night’s game facing their toughest challenge of the season thus far in the form of the Ruston Bearcats. Ruston arrived at Turpin Stadium with an impressive battle tested record of two consecutive victories and were looking to extend it to three by defeating Natchitoches Central, but the Chiefs were not about
    to lay down to give them a cheap victory; no, they would have to earn it.
    At the start of the game Natchitoches Central kicked off to Ruston and within
    five plays the Bearcats scored a touchdown on a pass play. The extra point was good making the score 7-0 Ruston.
    The Chiefs would receive the kickoff from Ruston but the Chiefs offense was
    unable to move the ball. They were forced to punt the ball away. After getting the ball back, the Bearcats scored their second touchdown on a 1-yard run from scrimmage. The extra point was good.
    14-0 in favor of the Bearcats.
    The Chiefs
    would be caught off guard by Ruston kicking an onside kick giving them great field position, and with 5:09 left on the clock in the 1st quarter, Ruston scored again on an eight-yard touchdown run. PAT good
    21- 0  Ruston.
    On the ensuing kickoff, the Bearcats attempted another on-side kick and recovered it, forcing the Chiefs’ defense back to the field. But this time things would not go Ruston’s way. The Chiefs’ Zamauri Miller stepped in front a pass and intercepted the ball giving the Chiefs an opportunity to score. They were unable to move the ball and gave it back to Ruston. After receiving the ball, Ruston didn’t waste any time scoring again on a rushing TD. PAT no good.
    27-0 Ruston
    The Bearcats tried an onside kick again and recovered it, but on the second play from scrimmage the Bearcats attempted a pass. It was intercepted by the Chiefs’ Al Walter who returned it for a 63-yard touchdown putting the Chiefs on the score board for the first time.
    27-7 Bearcats.
    With Natchitoches Central unable to generate any points in the second half, Ruston took  full advantage by scoring two more touchdowns to close out the game with a final score of 41-7.
    Jayln White threw for 45 total yards with 7 completions while Josh Fortenberry led in rushing with 89 on 21 attempts. Jeremiah Aaron led in
    receiving with 21 yards.