By Carolyn Roy


There were 30 permits issued for construction in Natchitoches Parish during October according to the report issued by Parish Inspector Greg Lemoine. The permits were issued for several categories including residential repairs and remodeling, residential detached structures, electrical, mechanical, manufactured homes, new construction and commercial. The 30 permits generated $14,742 in permit fees.

They represented a grand total of $1,738,600 in construction costs. Notable among the permits were four issued for new home construction.

New Home Construction •Cole B. Lucky, residential development, 841 Hwy. 3191, $250,000 •Rhodes Properties and Development, 332 Saint Francis Avenue, $350,000 •Kevin and Tammy Bordelon, 4917 Hwy. 494, $241,000 •Jason and Lindsey Waters, residence, 312 Hwy. 487, Campti, $260,000

Those permits represent $1,101,000 in construction costs and $9,267 in permit fees.

Other residential items listed included: RV Sites •Kerry Cedars, 243 Bennet Loop, RV site • Dwaine Sampey, 457 Nelson Conlay Road, RV site, Saline. Residential Remodel •Phyllis Lear, 149 Sandra St.

Residential Detached Buildings • Robert S. Liles, 1147 Collins Road •Jimmie Ross, 734 Durr School Spur Road, Marthaville •Leonard Sarpy, 1734 Bermuda Road, Natchez

Commercial Addition •UPS/Algodon, UPS terminal facility, change order, 2215 Hwy. 6. Commercial Electrical Trade •UPS/Algodon, UPS terminal facility, change order, 2215 Hwy. 6. Commercial Other •MARTO Plywood, 1695 La. 490, Chopin, MARTCO addition

Residential Electrical Trade •Mike Ryland, 179 Melrose Bend, Blvd., Natchez, boathouse •Gladys Revels, 1637 Sabine, electrical •Jamie Lawrence, 256 B.J. Smith Road, Campti, electrical •Thomas K. Johnson, 850 Evergreen Church Road, Goldonna, after fire •Gret Petrus, 158 Melrose Blvd., Natchez, boathouse •Lamar Advertising, 4400 Old River Road, electrical •Beckie D. Canerday, 485 Sandy Point Road, Campti, electrical

There were nine permits issued for manufactured home housing. They represented a total value of $467,600 and $2,400 in fees. Manufactured Homes •David M. James, 215 Conlay Fredrick Road, Goldonna, $47,000 •Arnold D. Sims, 938 Nelson Road, Robeline, $78,000 •Victoria L. Trichel, 146 Earnest Durr Road, Robeline, $54,000 •Howard L. Johnson, 3365 Hwy. 6, 494, $3,000 •Nicholas T. Auttenberry, 478 Stiles Road, Campti, $42,000 •A.B. Housley, 301 Housley Road, Coushatta, $50,000 •Karan D. Quick, 138 Oilfield Road, Ashland, $129,600 •Krystal L. Wilson, 432 Old Victoria Roads, Robeline, $25,000 •Joseph Holden, 137 Dawne St., $39,000