Bellwood News 11-2-17


Monday, Oct. 30

Everyone is welcoming the cool weather after enduring such a long summer. The hunters are really enjoying it. They have been killing a lot of squirrels but I haven’t hear of many deer being killed. I had to make a doctor’s visit last Monday. You have to go periodically to keep your home health and to keep getting your prescriptions. I have never understood why they put “no refills” on the medicine you have to take. I took some four times a day and have trouble getting it.

The doctor may have to change to something else. If so, I hope it works well. Leon and Nell McQueen went to Dallas to visit their son, Mike. Nell is going to stay a couple of weeks. Tamara and Danny Jones had their 12th wedding anniversary Oct. 25. I remember their simple, but beautiful, wedding at the old Baptist church in Bellwood. The reception followed in fellowship hall. Her cousin, Denise Phillips brought music. Eva Phillips read the poem I wrote. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to have something nice. Tamara and Danny didn’t have any children but they have been there for all of the family when there is a need. They help everyone. I hope they have many more years of happiness. This is what I wrote:Especially on this, your wedding day. Bro. Roger and Connie Matkin and Red and Argie Colston enjoyed going to Clara Springs Fourth Friday fish fry.  Old Pisgah Baptist Church did the cooking and serving.

They did a fantastic job seasoning and cooking the fish.  Everyone agreed it was delicious. Saturday morning, Bro. Roger, Connie, Brad, and Blake Matkin went hunting.  Their hunting area has been invaded by wild hogs.  Bro. Roger told Connie that if she saw one, she should try and kill it.  After not seeing any deer and being ready to pack up, a bunch of hogs came into the lane.  She decided to try and shoot one. It went down but eventually got up and ran into the thicket.  Bro. Roger and Blake went looking for it.  They found it and Blake finished it off. Connie says she went after back strap but brought home the bacon.  They went back that evening and Bro. Roger got a small buck.

This morning Connie talked Bro. Roger into going back out there after they had finished their bus route.  She got in her stand at 8:30 a.m. thinking it might be too late. She was rewarded with a large spike. She shot and he went down on the spot. She doesn’t know why she waited until she got into her senior years to start this sport, but she is enjoying it to the fullest. Bellwood Baptist Church is serving breakfast before Sunday school Nov. 12 at 9 a.m.  Join them for food, fellowship and Bible teaching as they study God’s work. Then stay for worship. The District Eight Missions Office in Natchitoches is asking for help in sharing God’s love by meeting the physical needs of the people of Mexico by donating clothes in good condition, coats, blankets, bedding and clean toys (none requiring batteries). They are also collecting dried pinto beans, rice, canned vegetables and fruit. Collection week is Nov. 13-16 at the District Eight Missions Office in Natchitoches. Operation Christmas Child drop-off locations will be at Calvary in Many, Martin Baptist and Westside Baptist in Natchitoches.  The national collection week is Nov. 13-20. Take your shoeboxes to the drop-off location at Westside Baptist Church during these times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 1-4 p.m., Saturday 9-11a.m. and Monday, Nov. 20, 8 a.m.-noon.