Marthaville News 11-2-17


Monday, Oct. 30

The Heritage Society met Saturday morning at the home of Fuzzy and Shirley Hennigan.  Those attending were Robert and Laurie Gentry, Shelby Greer, Karen Rawls, Linda Eason, Mitzi Roe, Donna Horn, Fuzzy and Shirley.

Officers were elected. They are chairperson Fuzzy Hennigan, vice chair Pat Childress, treasurer Shelia Noe and secretary Linda Eason. Historian  will remain open until someone comes forward to volunteer and take over that spot.  Bonnie Gail Montpelier has been historian for many, many years but due to her health, she has decided to let someone else take over.   I wish Bonnie Gail the very best and thank her over and over for what she has done and has been to our festival. Karen Rawls will remain parade director. Stacy Strahan will be in charge of T-shirts. Pat Hall, Jodi Kilgore and Amy Vercher will be the new program book committee. I know these three will do an outstanding job and that leaves me in charge of the judges.  This year was my first time to take care of the judges and I found out it is a hard job. I like to talk and visit with everyone but this job is all hands on deck.  If anyone else would like to have it, I will go to something else.

Just let me know.  The big news is Fuzzy will no longer be chairman of the festival.  But he will continue to help others. That leaves that position open and it needs to be filled.  We need someone who is local, who cares for our community and wants to have another great festival.  We need someone to come forward.  One big problem we have is that the heritage building needs a new roof.  We have money in the bank but not enough to cover a new roof.  Our last roof was put on with grant money. I thought for sure our roof would last longer than it has but it already leaks.  We will have fund raisers to get money for a new roof. When shooting your gun, guess what comes down and hit roofs?

And you should not be shooting this close to houses anyway. Friday night, the community enjoyed the Halloween carnival. Marthaville School sold over $ 3,500 in tickets this year.  The carnival attracted more than 350 people who enjoyed many activities including  inflatables, pie eating contest, win-a-fish, balloon pop and spook house.   This year’s theme was the “Haunted Clown Maze.” The Marthaville PTO wants to thank the parents, student, and teachers who helped make it a success.  They also want to thank Michael Mitchell, Brandon Durr and Jason Rodriguez for their help with the maze.  Both gyms were packed.   Don’t forget and set your clock back an hour before you go to bed Saturday night.  Please get with me on the weekends for upcoming news. My news goes in early on Monday mornings. You can e-mail me at: or call me at 472-6396 after 5:15 on weekdays.  Have a good week and hunters, be careful!