Parish employee insurance coverage comes with $1.5 price tag; Premiums increase 3.8 percent


By Carolyn Roy

The Parish Council unanimously accepted the recommendation of Human Resources Director Cathy Creamer during a special called meeting Monday to award insurance coverage. In addition to four council members, there were only nine Parish employees there for the presentation, which included five who work in the Parish office. Creamer had prepared her recommendation that outlined each type of coverage and its premium after comparing proposals from several companies.

Parish Council members Rodney Bedgood, Chris Paige, Doug deGraffenried and Russell Rachal unanimously accepted Creamer’s recommendation. deGraffenried had asked for the called meeting during the October meeting to request more time to study the proposal. During the called meeting, deGraffenried and Rachal suggested that the process to determine coverage begin earlier than October.

The cost for all coverage in 2018 will be $1,583,036. That is a 3.8 percent increase in major medical coverage over 2017. The Parish pays 100 percent of the employee coverage and 50 percent of family coverage. There are 124 employees who participate and 29 who have coverage for spouses/children. The Parish also pays for retiree coverage.

The following companies will provide coverage: •Blue Cross Blue Shield: health, dental, life, vision, accidental death and dismemberment •Supplemental: Blue Cross Blue Shield, AFLAC Boston Mutual •Supplemental Life: Blue Cross Blue Shield •Retirees: Vantage •COBRA: Blue Cross/Blue Shield •Supplemental Health: Access Health •Property: Stone Oak •Inland Marine: Stone Oak •Auto: (for parish owned vehicles) Stone Oak •Workers Compensation: LUBA •Public Officials liability: Stone Oak