Letter to the Editor

This letter published in the Feb. 17, 2022, print edition. Send your letters to the editor to jgray@natchitochestimes.com

Dear Editor:

The RoyOMartin Land and Timber Team has recently completed 10 years of accident-free work for the men and women in the forest. This is a tremendous accomplishment when you think of the exposure these hundred or more employees experience each day when they go the woods.

This means no accidents, such as cuts, bites, sprains or weather-related health issues, occurred while supervising logging operations, tree planting, boundary-line maintenance or any wood work they do.

The million driving hours this Land and Timber Team has driven from home to the woods over the past 10 years without a lost-time accident defies the odds and reflects the commitment these fine men and women have to safety. The La. Forestry Association applauds their accomplishment and commitment to safety. Keep it going!

C.A. “Buck” Vandersteen

Executive Director La. Forestry Association