Spanish Lake News 11-9-17


Monday, Nov. 6

It’s almost time for giving God thanks for all his blessings and then it will be time to greet Santa. The weather is changing to cooler days. Soon it will be cold. Residents will begin shopping for Christmas soon, seeing all of the beautiful displays.

Be cautious and careful during the holidays. Condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. Remember the sick and shut-ins who include Ella Manning, Johnnie Coleman, Geneva Butler and Leroy Banks. I’ve been under the weather with a cough and cold. I have not written my news for about two weeks. So forgive me please.

I don’t want Old Man Pneumonia to catch me. I have not been able to get a flu shot because of the cold and congestion but God is still in the healing business. It’s time to pick up pecans again. My neighbor told me her husband picked up a 5-gallon bucket full Friday. It’s time to plant your fall and winter greens like mustards, turnips, cabbage and Swiss chard if you prefer. Families will be visiting for the holidays. It will be such a beautiful time of the year. So from me to you, have a happy, blissful togetherness this year.