Marthaville News 11-16-17


Monday, Nov 13

I attended the Veteran’s program Friday at Marthaville school.  What an outstanding job these students did.  Gavin LaGrange welcomed everyone, Landon Jordan led the prayer, Gabe Roe led the Pledge of Allegiance and Tinley Durr sang the “Star Spangled Banner.”  Teacher Sherry Helms was in charge of the slide show. William Jones introduced the veterans.  The kindergarten class presented “Proud to be an American.”  Marthaville Principal Micah Nicholson introduced the speaker, Don Winn, a former principal. When Mr. Winn stands to speak, he does not need a microphone. He still has the touch to draw you in to what he is talking about.

Mr. Winn’s words hit home in so many ways when he talked about our heritage and lack of patriotism. Whether it be athletes not standing for the National Anthem or the removal of God from our schools, where is this nation going?  We celebrate Veterans Day to thank and honor the brave men and women who served to maintain and preserve our rights.  We should show them the respect that they deserve.

Madeline Mitchell announced a moment of silence.  Another outstanding performance was by Tommy Miller, who sang, “Proud to be American.”  Abbie Rodriguez closed the program. A brunch was given for the veterans after the program.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?  Where does the time go?  Christmas Festival is right around the corner.  Enjoy your week and send me those deer, turkey and hog photos.