Old Bethel News 11-16-17


Monday, Nov. 13

The Red Hat sisters took a carriage ride Nov.10.  It was a beautiful day for the ride.  The man driving the carriage knew a lot of history about Natchitoches.  One thing we learned was how to pronounce correctly Demeziere Street. He pointed out the home of actress Joanna Cassidy.  I didn’t even know an actress owned a house in Natchitoches.  There were only eight Red Hat sisters taking the ride.

They were Becky Ham, Lana Litton, Pete McCorkel, Carol O’Quinn, Wanda St. Andre, Alice Wall, Mary Jane Wright and Liz Durr.  Joining us for were Mary Fosson, Donna Masson and Betty Whitehead.  Betty was in a wheelchair.  She fell off a ladder and broke both of her heels.  After lunch, some went shopping.

November was Lana Litton’s event.  December will be hosted by Mary Jane Wright and Cheryl Lofton.  They are in charge of the Christmas party at Mary Jane’s house Dec. 12. Old Bethel held its shoebox packing party Saturday.  We packed 202 shoeboxes.  After we finished packing, we took a picture and had lunch.  Those who helped are named in the picture except James Strickland, Angie Froust and her children, William and Jessica.  They were not there when we took the picture.

Sunday, Bro. Jay preached from Isaiah 59:19.  He said, “You better be ready when the enemy comes.  The more that you are with God, seek God that makes you a target for the devil.” ”  After worship service, Bro. Jay baptized Taylor Berry, Alyssa Broadway and Jeremy Froust. The Westside Baptist Church musical, “What Kind of Throne” will be Dec. 17 at 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.