Spanish Lake News 11-16-17


Monday, Nov. 13

It’s a tragedy and it is senseless demonic behavior impacting the way the world’s chaotic disregard for human life. When you can’t go to the house of worship and serve the Lord, it’s getting to the point of where is love for God? My heart and prayers go out to the residents killed in the mass shootings. May the Lord give them a healing process. As I said before, killings, rapes and children being killed and robberies are world-wide. It has to stop.

I don’t believe one should need to carry firearms into the Lord’s house. It’s not the preacher’s, pastor’s or rabbi’s fault. It’s the Lord who gives those that preach and teach examples for the love of God and reverence to the Almighty. If you live by the sword, ye shall surely die.

These disturbed human beings take lives but they can give life another chance. Congress has passed laws for college students to carry firearms on campuses. Look at the outcome.It’s a right way to empower the abilities of the law and that’s righteous. Until this younger generation catches on to who’s in charge of the universe or the world, they will never become a child of God. You must accept Christ because he is the son of God and gave his life for all mankind, not only for me but all mankind because he loved us so much. We are his creations.

Don’t let Satan try to get in where he doesn’t fit in. If you let him ride, he’ll want to drive. The devil is roaming to and fro seeking who can deceive steal and kill, but with Christ, when you leave this earthly realm, you never die, you only sleep everlasting until that great day when we should arise, when the great trumpet is blown. Good bless us all.