Communications construction turns inward


By Juanice Gray

The 911 Communications center has reached the choosing interior colors stage according to architect George Minturn. He presented color swatches to the 911 Commission Tuesday. The neutral palette is designed to create an atmosphere of peace and calm. Minturn said the colors were chosen by him and 911 Director Willis Carter but would get more input before final decisions are made. Chairman Mickey Dove said, “One person from each agency should have input.” Minturn said all lights in the facility are LED with the exception of those in the dispatch area which haven’t been selected. Office spaces and corridors will be carpeted with tile in heavy traffic areas.

Roofers will be on site as early as next week. Minturn said the curbing is installed and the electrical, plumbing and fire suppressor system were underway. The project is only slightly behind schedule with a new proposed completion date of mid to late March. The Commission adopted two resolutions, one to accept the 2017 amended budget and one for the 2108 operating budget. The emergency generator for the courthouse is still an issue. “We are still looking for parts,” Carter said. He referenced the recent hurricanes as a cause for lack of parts availability. “FEMA commandeered any generator we could have gotten our hands on.”

Carter said efforts for grant funding for a new generator were underway. The quorum consisted of Dove, Larry Atteridge, John Nichols, Mary Jones and Jack McCain Jr. Victor Jones, Crit Miller, Rick Nowlin and Chris Page were absent.