Just Talkin’ (Nov. 30, 2017)


JT took the opportunity to shop at home Black Friday and did so by using the inserts in the Thursday edition of the Natchitoches Times. But he hears that folks in Alexandria had to pay the price to take advantage of the inserts in the Alexandria newspaper.

That price was $5.50 to be precise for the pre-Thanksgiving edition. JT can sympathize with the Alexandria paper, what with the price of newsprint soaring and ad revenue declining, but $5.50 seems steep to be able to find out the Black Friday bargains. Charging for the insert edition is probably a move concocted by Gannet, owner of the paper. However, it’s somewhat understandable with the declining ad revenue. As wonderful is it is, the Internet has killed the local retail base all over the nation in favor of online sales. Even the predictions that sales tax revenue from online sales would put money back in local coffers has proven to be untrue.

While online sales benefit many shoppers, their destruction to local retail sales is devastating.

JT got a reminder Tuesday of why he wasn’t a teacher. He went to Weaver Elementary to cover a story about the PTO teacher appreciation program that will be featured in the weekend edition. While waiting for the event to take place, JT observed Principal Sandy Irchirl patiently, and I do mean patiently, consoling a small tot who was wailing, and I do mean wailing, in the hall.

Principal Sandy gently consoled the little tot and talked him into a better frame of mind. Now that’s a real talent! You have to love kids to do that job. While waiting, JT overheard several remarks from teachers and staff, in the hall, all encouraging. “You’re doing a good job.” “There you go.” “Good job.” “You’re walking like good soldiers.” And another, “Good job.”