Woo Hoo! It’s giving time


By Carolyn Roy


The mini-globe on the cart is flashing. The cowbell is clanging. The whistle is blowing. Two PTO moms are shouting “Woo Hoo” as they burst into a classroom. It’s teacher and staff appreciation day for November at Weaver Elementary. Lori Woodard Humphrey and Cherie Dodd are the two PTO moms who conduct the “Woo Hoo” program that happens each month to give teachers and staff a boost . Honorees get to choose either a healthy or non-healthy snack from the cart . Healthy includes hummus and vegetables and water and non-healthy includes cookies and candy and sweet tea.

Every reward includes an orange. Dodd says the choices are about equal and there is no report of who took the non-healthy snacks. The kids are excited at the surprise entrance of Humphrey and Dodd. By the end of the year, all rooms will get a visit from the Woo Hoo wagon. The two women have good reasons for conducting the program. Humphrey’s daughter, Ja’Kiera, 4, attends Weaver as does Dodd’s son, John, 6. Humphrey is president of the PTO that sponsors the program. Woo Hoo gestures are to give teachers a boost and let them know they’re appreciated. Kindergarten teacher Victoria Cheramie had compliments for the program. “It’s a pick-me-up and a kind smile,” she says as the cart leaves her room to visit another honoree. “It’s nice to see the parents get involved and appreciate what we do.”

By the way, Cheramie chose the naughty snack. Dodd says the PTO sponsors Woo Hoo visits monthly but also contributes to the school in other ways such as fundraisers. The tall Christmas tree at the entrance is a gift from the PTO as are the wreaths that hang on doors at each entrance.