$2.2 million in commercial construction = jobs, economic stability

This article published in the Jan. 20, 2022 print edition

By Carolyn Roy


A permit for construction of a new Dollar Tree store on Keyser Avenue is among the building permits issued by Planning and Zoning Director Juanita Fowler in November. The permit is for $1.9 million dollars and contractor is Gallard Builders Inc., of Mobile, Ala. The owner is DT Properties LLC of Chesapeake, Va. According to the November report, the office has issued five permits representing $2,250,846 for new commercial construction in 2017. Those permits generated $8,137, or $128 more than in 2016. So far this year, there have been 12 permits issued for new residential construction.

They represent a valuation of $492,586 and $1,966 in fees for the City. During 2016, there were 11 new residential constructions. The department issued two permits for HVAC residential repair representing a valuation of $23,330 and $128 in fees; three for roofing commercial, seven for roofing residential and three for signs. Total permits issued for November is 67 with a total dollar valuation of $2,884,015. Fees collected for November total $13,166. The number of permits issued November of 2016 is 59.