Cousins unite at bake sale to make Christmas memorable for other children


Melanie, Gavin and Lanie Clary, along with Caitlin and Kimee Moak, hosted a bake sale in memory of Caitlin and Kimee’s baby brother, JoeJoe.  JoeJoe was born Feb 23, 2016, at just 25 weeks weighing only 1 pound, 2 ounces. He gained his wings March 12, 2016.  This year for Christmas, JoeJoe’s mom and dad decided to host a bake sale in his memory and use all money raised to purchase items for local charity, Little Angels of God, to fill Christmas boxes.

JoeJoe’s mom, Patty Moak reached out via social media and friends to help with donating baked goods, toys, reindeer water, candied pecans and spreading the word.  The young cousins worked Saturday, Dec. 9 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. selling the baked goods.  They raised $397 to split evenly then went on a shopping spree.  Each child got $75 to buy other children Christmas gifts. All items will be delivered to Little Angels of God for distribution to children locally and in surrounding parishes.  Patty said, “For us, JoeJoe’s family, it means so much to think of the children opening presents Christmas morning.  The smiles.  The excitement. JoeJoe isn’t here to share those moments with us, so we’ll share them with others the best we can.”

Submitted by Little Angels of God Secretary Nanya Powell