Just Talkin’


JT welcomes 2018 with open arms.

Last year was good to him and he has a good feeling about the year to come. The new year rang in cold and clear as people dug their mittens and muffs out of the closet. We haven’t seen this level of cold in a couple of years. JT decided to share some levity with our readers to bring in the new year on a merry note. Enjoy.

A Romantic New Year’s Day Story

A married couple had been out shopping for most of the day. Suddenly the wife realized her husband had disappeared” Somewhat irate she called her husband’s mobile and demanded, “Where are you?” Husband: “Darling, do you remember that little jewelry shop where you saw that beautiful diamond necklace and totally fell in love with it but I didn’t have the money at that time and I said, ‘Darling it’ll be yours one day.”‘ Wife, tremulously: “Yes, I do remember that my love.” Husband, “Well I’m in the hunting shop next to that.”

A New Year’s Wish On New Year’s Eve

Marilyn stood up in the local pub and said it was time to get ready. At the stroke of midnight, she wanted every husband to be standing next to the one person who made his life worth living. It was kind of embarrassing. As the clock struck – the bartender was almost crushed to death.

Happy New Year!

Speaking of sense of humor, a Times correspondent was working ever so hard to get Christmas pictures to us by the deadline. In her haste, she forwarded the information sent from a proud great-grandma. Times staff assumed the comments were in first person from our correspondent. Alas, they were not. While speaking with the mom of the oh so handsome boy in the photo on an entirely different matter, she and JT both got a good belly laugh at what can happen when comments are forwarded. Luckily the mom had her funny bone fully engaged and was not upset over the faux pas and all is well.

Maybe humor and understanding will be our motto for the next 12 months.