Snow Babies and Kids – A Gallery – Jan. 16-17, 2018

Nolan Luke Briley celebrated his first birthday, Jan. 16

Happy Snow Day Jan. 16-17, 2018

Thank you for sharing your photos!

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Zayden Marshall Son of Xavier Marshall and Laquita Arnold
Victoria Hatten, Point place Riding her gator float down hill
Tyler Dempsey, Campti
Tucker Coleman
Tucker and Samantha Coleman
Grayci and Remington Bamberg had a snowball fight
Tucker and Maggie Giddens
TJ and Kaden Crow
Thea Foshee at the Foshee ranch in natchitoches
Taylor Supalo, 8 months, daughter of JuRon and Heather Supalo
Sophia, Layne Downs
Sophia Supalo 1 month daughter of Willie Supalo and Katelynn Plunkett
Jalen and Jaden Stewart
Lance Stewart
Shaylee Hammond, 7
River Connell
Riley Freeman
Point Place, Ashton Heppner
Paityn Perot! Fairview
Noah and Malachi Guillory
Natalee Williams
Gabe and Kimberly Methvin
Gabe Methuen having a snowball fight with his dad, Kyle
Marcus Martinez, Isabella Martinez, and Cole Steadman (doing a flip)
Luke Busby
Logan Wright with a snowball
Leigha busby
Kiptin Williams
Kaleigh Delacerda and newborn son, Bryson Contreras
Kade Martinez and snowman
Jessica Vercher of Flora
Jayce Wise of Natchez area – 1st snow ride
Jaxon, Ava Grace and JC Townsend get ready for some southern style sledding!
Jaxon Blanchard
Jan Hearold of Fairview Alpha
Isla Lou Harris.
Hayden Sanford
Hayden Freeman
Hadley Emerson Mayeaux in the field behind her house in Natchitoches.
Gunner Downs
Gracie and Charlee Montoya 10 and9. The joy and excitement of a child in snow made me stop and realize it is ok to slow down and and see the world through their eyes!! Snow Day 2018❄☃️
Grace Townsend and Jacob Townsend enjoying some snow ice cream
Georgia Grace Litton’s (9 months old) first snow day!!
Ezra Gill’s first snow
Levi and Claire Endris
Emily Kirkland, Isabella Stephens, Hannah Murray
Ella and Ava Lane
Dalynn Glenn Nealy 2 years old
Allie Curole
Brooklyn Smith is a fourth grader at NSU Elementary Lab School. She had an awesome snow day. Parents Brandon and Melanie Smith
Brandon Bynog, Jayce Wise sledding in Point Place
Brandon and Luke busby
Ben and Morgan Moseley -Coushatta
Becca Woods’ children; Jayda Woods and Chloe Norris
Ava Grace Waters
Aubrey Alexander
Ashley Heppner,Ashton Heppner, Brandon Bynog in Natchitoches
Harlee H Mcain just got hit with snowball by her sister, Mallory H Mcain. Granddaughter of Robie and Glynda Longino.
Abi Jo Friday
Rylan and Avery Tingle, Coushatta
London Wright
Emily Sullivan, Sara Sullivan and Raven Speir
Brayden Montoya 1, first snow day.