Snow Scenes and People – A Gallery – Jan. 16-17, 2018

The old ladies of the lake are wearing their FROZEN ball gowns this morning. By Linda Dupree
Aerial view of Natchitoches by Clifford Rice
Grand Bayou resort Cabins-Kim Sepulvado

Natchitoches truly is beautiful. Here is the proof. As the City was blanketed in snow Tuesday, Jan. 16, pilot Clifford Rice was trolling above in his Legend Cub airplane snapping photos with his iPad. This view shows the airport with the bypass in the foreground. Alliance Compressors is visible to the right.

Happy Snow Day Jan. 16-17, 2018

Thank you for sharing your photos!

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By Tonia Rawls
By Tina Terrance
By Tammy Raynes
Tammy Kay in Flora
snow angel Leigha Busby
Sgt. David Hensley RRPSO – still serving and protecting
Sarah Bamburg
Phyllis Allison
Phyllis Allison
Phyllis Allison
Phyllis Allison
Phyllis Allison
Phyllis Allison
Phyllis Allison
Phyllis Allison
Photo taken by Janette Melton on Sandy Point Rd., Black Lake
Marthaville by Kathy Birdwell
By Lonnie Savell
snowed in fishy! by Linda Dupree
Linda B. Allen, Longino Road, Coushatta
The Elliott home near Black Lake
Jennifer Howell; Topy Creek in Castor
Hwy 507; double bridges
His old boat is locked in ice. Don’t remember that happening before. By Linda Dupree
By Christy Lindsey Vargas
Josie Griffin and Allie Curole, Ashland
Bro. Matt, Jana, Claire and Levi Endris
Mallie Lester and Adam Calder in campti
Grand Ecore Bridge
Photo by Juanice Gray