Community News 1-17-18


This should read Goldonna News

Old Bethel News Monday, Jan. 15

District Eight Annual Convention is this Thursday, Jan. 18 at Clara Springs Baptist Camp. Dinner will be served at 6 p.m.

Call the camp at (318)796-3875 and let them know that you are coming so that they will know how many to prepare food for.The program will start at 6:45 p.m. Bro. Ronnie Sandifer, pastor of Aimwell Baptist Church, will bring the message. During the business session, the District Eight committees will recognize Mary Gore for 25 years of service to Toledo Bend Baptist Resort Ministries and Bro. Bubba and Mandi Mills for 10 years of service at Clara Springs Baptist Camp. Bro. Jack Bell, chairman of the committee is asking you to encourage your church members to be there to express their appreciation to them for their dedication and hard work as they serve the Lord. Clara Springs fourth Friday fish fry will be Jan. 26 at Fairview Baptist Church. Last weekend was the Kids Winter Retreat at Clara Springs. There were 120 kids registered.Malcolm and I went Friday night to help with this camp.

We saw the program on Friday night. Prior to Justin Coffey was Gregg Gober from Cypress Baptist Church. He led the music and played the guitar. Then Justin Coffey, Xtreme Obedience, used four dogs in his message about obedience to the Master. The dogs names were Lazarus, Zion, Malachi and Shiloh. His message Friday night came from Luke 5:1-11. This was Malachis and Shilohs first time on the program. Lazarus was the main attraction. He was a black Labrador. We were partial to him because we also have a black Labrador. His name is Nemo. My son, Matt, and I talked to Justin after the program. We told Justin that Nemo had a black tongue. Justin said the black tongue means his is smart. I told him that we knew Nemo was smart. Saturday, we went back to Clara Springs to help out. I didnt get to go to the program on Saturday because I was helping with the cooking.Justin got Lazarus to get things through a tunnel, fetch a duck and bring it back to him.  Justin told the children to call Lazarus off the stage to come to them. They did everything that they could to get Lazarus to jump off the stage but he wouldnt do it. Then Justin snapped his fingers and told Lazarus to go and he went.  Justin used the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15. He asked Makayla Mills to take a stuffed sheep outside and put it down somewhere. Then he told Lazarus to go out the door turn right, then take another right and found the sheep. Then he snapped his fingers, Lazarus took off, did what he told him to do and came in the back door with the sheep and dropped it at Justins feet. At the end of the program, Justin told Lazarus to go sit a chair, which he did. This was a great program and the kids enjoyed petting the dogs and playing with them. Sunday at church, Bro. Jay brought the message from John 11:34-39.

Lazarus died and was dead four days before Jesus came to see about him. Bro. Jay said sometimes life doesnt seem fair. But read the rest of story in John 11. Gods timing is not always our timing but he is right on time. Miss Sweetheart for the Cure Beauty Pageant will be Feb. 3 at 11 a.m. For more information contact Hilary Severin on Facebook.