Morrow enters plea of not guilty

Sylvia Morrow

Councilwoman Sylvia

Morrow entered a plea of not

guilty to charges of theft in

City Court Jan. 23.

A trial date was set for Feb.


Following is the original

report published Dec. 21

regarding the incident at the

local Wal-Mart that resulted in

the charges.

Police Chief Micky Dove

confirmed Councilwoman

Sylvia Morrow was charged

with misdemeanor theft following

an early morning incident

Monday at the

Natchitoches Wal-Mart.

Morrow was issued a summons

to appear in court in

January. She was not booked

into jail. A summons can be

issued when law enforcement

believes the person will

appear in court at a specified

time and at a specified location.

This means a person was

in police custody but was

released on a written promise

to appear. The accused signs a

paper stating they will appear

in court. This is common

when it is a low level misdemeanor.

If the accused does

not show up, the person will be

charged with failure to appear

and the judge will issue a

bench warrant, at which time

the accused will be taken into