JT, like millions of other folks, watched the Super Bowl Sunday. It was nice to share the evening with friends who mostly cheered for the Eagles to win. Even though logic said the Eagles were going to win near the end, everyone in the room was holding their breaths until the final play, afraid Tom Brady would pull off another athletic miracle. As great as Brady and the Patriots are, it was nice to see someone else win.

JT observed two things the next morning. A television talker said the Patriots are expected to win the Super Bowl next year! He couldn’t even give the Eagles a chance to enjoy the win. Wonder who he pulled for? The second observation came when a reporter was airing live from the streets of Philadelphia the next morning and the streets were littered with debris. What instantly popped into JT’s mind was how clean the streets of Natchitoches are the morning following the Christmas Festival thanks to a great City crew that is known for such a fast cleanup.

JT is showing his age since he doesn’t recognize the names of many of the pros today including the quarterbacks. He remembers the days of Bart Starr, Roger Stauback, Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. Talk about showing your age!