Just Talkin’ – Valentine’s Edition


JT had a very exciting Valentine’s Day morning.

He is still laughing at Times Editor Juanice Gray. She walked into her office Wednesday morning to find a huge Valentine’s Basket filled with gift cards, chocolates, coffee, bath and body items and more – but no card.

She immediately took a picture and sent it to her husband, Ralph. She couldn’t believe he sent a basket because he had already given her flowers (the planting kind) that morning. Thier conversation went a little something like this:

Quite an interesting conversation. JT would have hated to have been in her shoes during that conversation! It was about then that Juanice figured out the basket was NOT from him – an uh oh moment for sure – just imagine calling your husband to thank him for something and it not coming from him.

She began asking everyone in the office where it came from. No one knew. Upon closer inspection she and other staffers decided it must belong to News Editor Carolyn Roy and was placed in the wrong office by mistake. JT knows they were all hoping it was just Cupid dropping by and delivering goodies for everyone.

Around 9 a.m. pressman Ernie Davis III showed up and asked if the basket was found. Juanice had purchased a raffle ticket from him and was the winner! Davis delivered it early so Juanice could find it when she got to work. All is well that ends well and whether the goodies came from Cupid or a winning raffle ticket, the staff sure is enjoying the treats the basket provided.

JT hopes everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day – drama free!