Just Talkin’


JT sees where the Black Caucus of the Louisiana Legislature elected officers for 2018-19 and it pretty much follows the rest of the power rankings we see for North Louisiana coming out of Baton Rouge. Little to no representation or power. The best the northern part of the state got on the nine-member Black Caucus board was Rep. Kenny Cox of Mansfield as Sergeant-at-arms and Homer representative Patrick O. Jefferson as Chaplain. —–

JT hears legal issues or not, folks in her district sure like City Councilman Silvia Morrow.  A while back some “community leaders” put the word out they were going to beat her…and they came up WAY SHORT when the votes were all counted. Matter of fact, JT gets the impression she could be on the City Council for as long she wants. —–

Finally, JT wonders where all the liberal voters are in Natchitoches.  Donald Trump is taking a beating in the national media, but not so much on JT’s Facebook page.  JT has quite a few friends on Facebook, but hardly any anti-Donald Trump friends.  Maybe its just JT, or maybe it’s because 90 percent of JT’s friends were not Obama/Hillary supporters.  Then again, it might be because those voters the national pundits couldn’t find when they were crowning Hillary President are still moving quietly in the background. Come to think of it…we haven’t heard much from those Russians since the election. Maybe they’ve taken over Facebook somehow and are blocking anti-Trump posts. —–

While JT has his own opinion on a person’s right to own a gun, he sure has enjoyed the rhetoric coming from both sides. Really good points have been passionately argued back and forth. What JT hasn’t heard though is a good reason for someone in the general public to have a need for a machine gun type firearm. If we can come to some common ground on our alcohol, driving laws, and even on motorcycle helmets, we can do it here too. If there was ever a need to have the two sides come together on a compromise…this is it. —–

One piece of sage advice JT heard years ago came to mind yesterday when he retrieved the mail. The advice came when the television networks were full of what was referred to as “Tele-Evangelists.” Someone told JT he should be weary of those who ask you to send GOD your money…but they give you THEIR address. Well, the checks for our taxes have all cleared the banks by now and here comes a letter asking JT to help fight crime in his community and become a member of Sheriff Victor E. Jones Jr.’s Louisiana Sheriff’s Honorary Membership Program. They want my $20 to help Louisiana Sheriffs fight the war on drugs and crime through crime prevention and education programs. And where does my check go…to a Baton Rouge address. Don’t think so…I thought I already paid local taxes to help support that cause.