Life is a Numbers Game


Dear NSU Supporters,

Everyone understands that life is a numbers game. We begin life as a number on a numbered day and our days are numbered from the first breath taken. Almost everything is reduced to a number and numbers are assigned value. We have a number for our age, our weight, our height, our grades, our salary, our house note, our car note, our children, our graduation, all sports victories and losses, and countless other things. We try not to judge according to numbers, but numbers are universal and exact. Until they aren’t. Because numbers represent so much more than that.

They represent names and people and places and events and emotions and efforts and support. The Demons and Lady Demons of NSU Basketball have had a difficult season. Those who follow and support NSU basketball know that the season has had unprecedented injuries, incidents and uncontrollable difficulties. The numbers have not added up as we hoped they would. But those who participate in these men’s and women’s programs are solid students and solid citizens. They each have a name, not just a number on a jersey.

Additionally, the numbers of people who support these athletes in the classroom and the community and certainly in their sport are steady and consistent. We are so humbled by those who continue to help and encourage these student athletes who work hard at their sport, who often travel far to play large universities, and who continue to represent NSU in their attitudes and actions. We are grateful that patience is one of many fine qualities of this community that believes in the value of young men and women who are trying to move forward in their futures. No number of words can express the importance of a coliseum with a dynamic band, cheer groups, and the constant presence of so many who support NSU athletes. Almost everything can be recorded in numbers. But the most important number is yours, and we thank each and every one of you who continues to support the players of the game who we all know are much more than a number.

Most sincerely, Connie McConathy