Just Talkin’ 3-8-18


JT joins the throngs of well wishers congratulating Dr. Cade Brumley on his appointment as superintendent of Jefferson Parish Schools. Cade leaves the Desoto Parish school system to be the boss of the largest public school system in the state that has approximately 50,000 students across about 90 schools outside of New Orleans.

Cade was a student at Northwestern State a few years ago when he worked as the sports editor at the Natchitoches Times. JT remembers him as a hard worker with a great personality who was loved by the staff here. As a favor to JT, he donned a Santa Claus suit to visit JT’s grandkids at Christmas, a visit they still remember. The staff here even attended the wedding of Cade and his wife, Toni, at Beaufort Plantation. Good luck, Cade. You make us proud.

JT has been closely watching the basketball playoffs. Good thing he has a good ticker because if he didn’t, the excitement and pressure would surely put him on medication. Times stringer Trent Friedel says the St. Mary’s boys have done his heart harm by stopping it several times during their semi finals game. Physicians in the area should get prescription pads in hand as the semi final and final action heats up this week.

It seems the unflattering antics of our political leaders in Louisiana just won’t go away. In fact, JT was standing in a line at a venue recently and struck up a conversation with a fellow from Chicago. He told JT that politics up there have always been “horrible” and they are known worldwide for that distinction. He said they are striving to be known for something, even if it’s bad, so they have started calling Louisiana “South Chicago.” Which brings to mind the antics of our Secretary of State Tom Schedler. He reportedly admits to having “feelings” for a staffer…and acting upon them…but says they were reciprocal. The staffer disagrees and says her rejections of his attention caused her to be demoted. The whole thing has the makings of a romance novel…but it’s not something our state should be drawn into.

JT heard someone on the radio say Schedler was the best Secretary of State we’ve ever had. That’s the same one who begged you to elect Bobby Jindal. Both observations appear to be when the mouth was in gear before the mind. Governor John Bel Edwards, and some in the legislators, have called upon Sec. Schedler to resign. We agree…and it should be done immediately. ——-

A quick side note to the Schedler mess…should he resign…where would that put former Sabine State Representative and Speaker of the House Joe Salter? He’s currently the number three person in the Secretary of State’s Office. As Undersecretary of Management and Finance, he is behind only First Assistant Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin in the hierarchy of the office.