City of Natchitoches warns public to beware of fraudulent utility payment websites


The City of Natchitoches is warning residents of several websites that are using the City of Natchitoches’ name to collect customer utility payments. These websites use the City of Natchitoches as a header and advises customers who use such websites that their payment will be posted to their account.

While the City of Natchitoches does receive the payment, it is not guaranteed that the payment will be received by the City before the due date or delinquent disconnect date. The City of Natchitoches warns residents that using these websites to submit utility payments could result in a charge to submit payment, late fees, reconnection fees and shut off.

The City of Natchitoches encourages all residents who wish to pay their utility bills online to submit payment to the City of Natchitoches Utility Service Center’s official online payment website,  free of charge. For more information please contact the City of Natchitoches Utility Service Center at (318) 357-3844.

This is the City of Natchitoches official site and the only one where payments can be made safely and securely.